Let me be perfectly clear…

In my last post I stated that we were going to put our baby making dreams on hold. What I mean to say is that we are putting the medically assisted route on hold. I will never give up on trying to have a baby.

I have a friend who works for whole foods and has all these pieces of advice such as:

* Get rid of all products that contain parabens.

I was already in the process of this when she told me to do this. I read an article by the American Cancer Society that stated that they found parabens in cancerous tumors in the breast that had not been broken down. I have breasts and this scares me. Enough that I am working on eliminating as much parabens in my life as I can.

*Avoid using plastic storage containers and switch to glass.

Apparently there are some toxins in plastics that act as hormone disruptors. Who knew? This one will be much harder for me. Glass is SO expensive and since I don’t work funds are tight.

*Eat organic and Non GMO.

Again there are toxins and pesticides in non organic and GMO foods that are hormone disruptors and inhibit fertility. As with the glass issue organic and non GMO foods are very expensive and funds are tight. So we’ll see what we can do. I did tell the husband that I’d like to eat more organic and he seemed receptive so we’ll see.

*Start taking Chaste Berry.

From what I gathered this will help me with the progesterone levels in my body.

*Start using progesterone cream made from Wild Yam.

If my progesterone level is low which it very well could be since I don’t get a regular period this will help with that.

*Start drinking raspberry leaf tea

*Eliminate soy completely

*Try to alkalinize my body as much as possible with things like acv, green super foods or aloe Vera juice.

*Get tons of protein (like 75-100grams a day)

So those are the things that she suggested. I’m going to start looking into these things and see where that takes us. I never used to believe in all the natural remedies until I was pregnant with sweet pea and used things like magnesium citrate (to relieve constipation), Arnica (to relieve pain) and drinking raspberry leaf tea (I guess it strengthens the uterus muscles and gets it ready for labor).



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