Gearing up

So after putting this off for over a year we’ve begun gearing up for trying again.

It’s almost like my body has decided it’s time because I got my period for two months in a row the last couple of months. The last two days I’ve had a pre period headache (that I called head ashi) which I sometimes get a week before I bleed.

I even ovulated!! July 4 I pee’d on an ovulation predictor kit and got the tell-tale smiley face. Unfortunately, we were staying with my dad at his cabin and when I say cabin I really mean a camper trailer where we slept in the living room with our toddler. NO privacy and due to the toddlers separation anxiety that popped up out of nowhere we had NO time alone and NO time to get busy. Ugh!!! I just kept telling myself that there would be another time to work on that aspect of trying. Hell, I was just thrilled with knowing that my body was ovulating.

Those of you with PCOS know that ovulation is a much coveted thing. Typically I get my period twice a year but since I and my baby two and a half years ago I’ve been having my period about 4 or 5 times instead which is an improvement.

I’ve got baby fever so bad!!! My cousin just had a baby, my brother’s wife is having one end of August, and my other cousin just announced that she’s pregnant as well. I am starting to realize that I’m getting a bit obsessed as I’ve already bought the fabric for a crib quilt and know the theme for the nursery. I am also perusing names. I need to step back and take a deep breath.

I may be a dreamer but I am hoping beyond all hopes that maybe with changing my diet and getting exercise and monitoring the ovulation process…we’ll be able to get pregnant without pokes, prods, prying eyes, ejaculation cups and catheters. Call me crazy but I can hope.




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